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home equity loans give you cash in hand for home improvements or anything you want. The right home equity loan can slash your monthly loan repayments.

home equity loans can normally be used for any purpose e.g. vacation, home improvements etc.  But some home equity loan providers might have extra lending criteria.  Some might demand you spend the money on home improvements, and provide them with receipts.

Approval requirements ?  Many home equity loan companies are flexible on who they approve.  After all, they have your home as security.  However, most will usually look at your monthly income, and take a multiple into account when making a decision.

While the lenders are more flexible than with an unsecured advance, they still won't like a bad credit record.  If you have a very bad credit report then it's possible or even likely you'll get refused.  In that case, all you can do is try to establish some communication with your lender.

Okay, if you're dealing with a credit scoring computer, you probably won't get far.  But try to communicate with a human at your lender - explain the situation and maybe you can get the advance you want.

If all else fails, you might be able to get a payday loan or another type of advance to give you the cash you need.

A home equity loan can be a quick and easy way to raise cash.  If you get the right deal, your monthly payments might even drop for a period of time (if you get a special deal).  But remember you'll be paying for that extra money right thro the full term of your deal.

Be sure to check home equity loans deals from at least 3 lenders.  Most lenders offer different deals, so it's important to shop around.

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Home Equity Loans News

Don't assume using home-equity loans to finance a car is the cheapest way to go (Boston Globe)
Would you take out a 30-year car loan? How about a 10-year auto loan? If you're going to finance the a car with the equity in your home that is exactly what you could be doing -- paying for a car over 10 or even 30 years.

home equity loans